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Friday, 29 January 2016 07:36

13 Bad Money Habits You Should Break in 2016

Written by AMREF SACCO 
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Getting rich is a long-term game.

The good news is that starting to accumulate wealth is almost entirely under your control — all it takes is patience, the right mentality, and smart habits. If you want to master your money and build wealth, start by ditching these 13 costly habits as you head into 2016:


Using out-of-network ATMs.

Whether it be out of laziness or ignorance, many people continue to pay ATM fees — and the seemingly insignificant charges can add up over time. In fact, consumers these days are paying an average of $4.35 each time they use an out-of-network ATM. A good rule of thumb for 2016: If it's not your bank's logo, don't use it. If you live in a major city and use one of the traditional, bigger banks, there should be various ATM options nearby, which you can find ahead of time online. If your bank doesn't have convenient ATM options — or if you live in a smaller town with fewer ATMs — you may want to consider opening a checking account with a more accessible or online bank.

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